The right classes, no matter what your level.

Pilates Group Classes and SessionsWhether you’re just starting Pilates exercises or you’ve progressed to Intermediate or Advanced level, The Pilates Fitness Studio has training that’s right for you.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll start with private sessions. That way, we can assess your needs, tailor your own personal program, and give you extra attention in mastering the basics.

If you’re an Intermediate- or Advanced-level client, you can choose between private, duet and group sessions. At The Pilates Fitness Studio, “group” never means “mob.” Group sessions are limited to a maximum of eight.

If you’re recovering from spinal or other injuries, you’ll need private instruction. That way, your trainer can give you hands-on attention and modify your exercises to help the healing process.

All sessions, whether private or group, are by appointment, so the time is always convenient for you, there’s always room, and there are no distractions. Just call (804) 363-8467 or click here to reserve.

If you have a group that would like to try Pilates together, call us or click here to set up a group session. You’ll save money, have more fun, and be more motivated with a little encouragement from your friends.

Pick a schedule that fits yours

Our schedule is your schedule, since all classes are by appointment. To reserve your place in one of our private, duet or group sessions, or to join one of our group mat classes, just call (804) 363-8467 or click here.

Before enrolling in group sessions, please consult your physician and trainer.

Affordable Costs


Private Sessions

50 minutes: $65 – 10 Sessions $600

30 minutes: $45 – 10 Sessions $400

Charged in full if not canceled with at least 24 hours’ notice and if not rescheduled within the same week. Discounted private packages must be used within 90 days of purchase.

Duet Sessions

50 minutes: $45 per person

5-Week Group Mat Class Series

45 minute class. Once a week.  

4-8 participants – $100 per person.

Trios – $125 per person. Duets – $175 per person.

Participants must be at the Intermediate training level or higher.

Mat classes are sold in 5-week sessions. Session fee is non-refundable once the 5-week session begins. Missed classes can be made up within 7 weeks of the session start date but will be forfeited after that.