Every class is tailored to your needs.

Custom Tailored Pilates ClassesDifferent people enjoy Pilates exercise for different reasons – dancers to improve their balance, people with aches, pains and stiffness to move freely and painlessly again, people who’ve been injured to speed their complete recovery, and people who’ve grown bored with the mindless repetition of working out on machines at impersonal health clubs to have more interesting  and interactive workouts.

Regardless of who you are or why you’re interested in Pilates, we tailor a program specifically to your needs and progress. Every beginning client takes one-on-one classes, working directly with a Pilates-trained instructor to do the right exercises the right way.

Even group classes for more advanced clients are limited to eight people at most.

Either way, you get constant interaction, feedback and encouragement throughout.
And because classes are by appointment only, there’s no one but your instructor and a few fellow clients in the studio – so what you never get is self-conscious or distracted.