Fitness for your whole body, not just part of it.


Some workouts build strength. Some build bulk. Some increase heart rates. Pilates training at The Pilates Fitness Studio builds your whole body – and your mind as well. Using your mind to control your muscles, you increase not only strength but also flexibility, balance, stamina, coordination, freedom of movement – and self-confidence. Pilates training helps dancers to control their extreme flexibility, people recovering from injuries to regain full physical function, and anyone to overcome pains and stiffness that sedentary modern life brings on.

At the Pilates Fitness Studio, you get all the benefits of Pilates training, because we faithfully follow the method Joseph Pilates perfected – a method including over 500 specialized exercises using specially designed apparatus and blending Eastern traditions of breathing, precision and flexibility with Western strength and endurance training principles. Because each Pilates exercise pits one group of muscles against another and demands mental focus and precision, a Pilates workout helps to accomplish more with fewer repetitions. That – along with our personal , motivating, friendly instruction –is why most of our clients have been with us year after year after year.


“The training at the Pilates Fitness Studio has given me strength and confidence to be fit for the life I want to lead.”    -Mary Gardner-Stanley Weidmuller


Less Repetitive, More Interesting

The Pilates Fitness Studio emphasizes how you do each exercise, not how many times. You perform fewer, more precise movements, paying attention to control and form. Because this requires your mind to work with your body, you experience awareness of muscle function and control instead of drudgery and boredom.

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Every class is tailored to your needs.

Different people enjoy Pilates exercise for different reasons – dancers to improve their balance, people with aches, pains and stiffness to move freely and painlessly again, people who’ve been injured to speed their complete recovery, and people who’ve grown bored with the mindless repetition of working out on machines at impersonal health clubs.

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We never keep you waiting.

At The Pilates Fitness Studio, you never waste time waiting for your turn at a treadmill or stairmaster. For one thing, we don’t use that equipment – only special exercise apparatus that Joseph Pilates developed for his system.

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